The Italian Made Summer Shoe

Over the past couple months i have been deciding what is going to be my go to shoe for the summer? Was it going to be a pair of slip on vans? Or was i going to wear ultra boost, and NMD’s as i did last summer? Well i wanted neither. I was always intrigued by Common Projects and had tried a pair on in the past remembering that it was a tight fit since you are hypothetically supposed to go down a size. I ended up going with my gut feeling and purchasing a neutral color that I had been going with all summer, which was a very light pink/salmon colorway.IMG_9449 I particularly went with this color as it seemed to match with everything i was wearing all summer. I could wear it with anything light denim to black tapered joggers. Now as you can see this color can go with any skin tone, skin tone is very important when picking out the proper color for you. If you look like you have never seen the sun and there is nothing you can do about it, then your going to want to stay away from neutral colors as these are, I will talk more about skin tone in other posts. But back to the shoe, so i did as recommended and ordered a size down from a men size 10 US to a men size 9 US. Ill admit it was a snug fit and after walking around in them for a bit I became very uncomfortable but I maintained my cool till I got home. When I walked in my house I couldn’t wait to get these off, I took a look at them saw the leather cracking and went straight to cleaning and applying Leather Conditioner on them. I was eager to return them but i figured it would take a couple wears to loosen them and had heard this is how they normally felt when first worn. A few days passed and I thought okay I am going to try a different Italian made shoe which was a pair of smooth white Gucci sneakers that were immaculate. FullSizeRender 5Now once I put these on not only did i still go down a size but it was like my foot was meant to be in that shoe. It was so smooth putting them on and they went with everything and definitely made my shoes stand out from the rest. Of course when you see the green and red Gucci color tones you know your walking in style. As seen to the left I’m wearing Gucci Ace embroidered sneaker, with a pair of YSL Jeans tapered by myself. If your going out during the day this is definitely a go to look. White shoes and or neutral color like my Common Projects, with a pair of light denim. Now I had my two shoes for during the day, but what about at night? And what if you want to stick with a pair of Italian made sneakers?

Well as pictured below is a pair of Common Projects FullSizeRender 11in a light shade of blue. And for some reason im not sure if it was the lacing or what but these Common Projects had the same smooth feeling as the Gucci Sneakers did, which is what i was expecting from the first pair of CP’s. This color or any light shade such as a light grey, light blue, even the light pink, is a great color for the night. Me personally at night can never go wrong wearing black on black which is the shirt and jeans. but going black on black on black is a little to much. Yea some can pull it off but no one can tell you apart. The whole point of being “Fashionable” is to stand out so if you are like myself and like to wear Black on BlackĀ  then make sure you throw in a shaded color that really stands out. And remember leave light colors for during the day. This is my first post and just a glimpse of what ill be doing on here. Tomorrow I will throw up some new clothes to look out for as well as shoes. I am also here to show you guys how to wear your shirts, shorts, denim, and all the above, when to wear them, and most importantly how they should fit. I also will tell you all the 3 main brands of denim you should have in your closet. And all the essentials to a mans wardrobe.


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